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Quran Memorization


Quran Memorization

Islam Online Quran Academy takes pride in offering comprehensive online Quran learning services, ensuring accessibility to individuals globally. Our platform is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of the Quran through personalized and interactive lessons.

  • Expert Male & Female Tutors
  • 24/7 Services
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Monthly Tests & Certification
  • Carrier Consoling
  • One-To-One Live Sessions
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How we Deal with Kids

Teachers at Islam Online Quran Academy approach the delicate task of instructing children with utmost care and consideration. Recognizing the unique needs and learning styles of young minds, our educators employ a nurturing and patient approach to create a positive and engaging learning environment. Through interactive and age-appropriate teaching methods, instructors focus on making the Quranic lessons enjoyable and comprehensible for kids.

Utilizing creative tools, visual aids, and storytelling techniques, they weave a tapestry of knowledge that captures the attention and imagination of young learners. Our teachers understand the importance of building a strong foundation in both Quranic principles and moral values, instilling a love for learning about their faith.

About this Course

In this Course you will be able to learn :

  • Introduction to Arabic Alphabets
  • Tajweed Essentials
  • Memorization Techniques
  • Recitation Practice Sessions
  • Quranic Etiquette and Reflection
  • Quranic Verses Exploration
  • Connecting Verses and Surahs
  • Quranic Vocabulary Building
  • Quranic Script Recognition
  • Basic Rules of Waqf (Stopping)

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